Maxpower SumoWe design and manufacture supersumo sumo suits and related products from our factory in Loughborough, UK, in the heart of England. The original sumo suits were made 20 years ago and found great success due to the sumo suits' 'up-'n-over' design. Sumo suits are popular because they are hugely funny to play in and watch. That is not to say that the original sumo wrestling from Japan, that the play activity came from, is not respected for its ancient and noble history. ant sumoThe sumo suits developed by Supersumo Ltd achieve the shape and appearance of sumo wrestlers by using the best materials and quality foam inserts to act as padding. Different sizes of sumo suits have been developed to fit: adult, teen and junior players. In addition to the supersumo sumo suits we supply a complete set of mats, carry bags and accessories. You may wish to call us on 01509232497 or mobile 07725414355. Please look through the designs and products and contact us for a FREE QUOTATION and DESIGN.


What are the best sumo suits to get: adult, teen or junior?

The simple answer is to first work out your target customer. You may specialise in adult events (eg Stag parties) and you may decide to get the adult sumo suits and purchase the other sumo suits at a later date. Ideally you would have all sizes for maximum hire potential.

What are the best type of sumo suits to get: inflatable or foam-filled?

We use foam filled suits for easy on-off use to get a higher through put. They are more durable and do not need an inflation device (blower) and are stronger and more functional where power is not available.

What is the best size sumo mat to use?

The standard 12ft mat is fine for 99% of jobs although a 15ft mat does give the user another third of the play area. 12ft mats are easier to transport (two 6ft x 12ft sections). The 15ft does fit nicely with the 15ft inflatable play area.

What price should we rent our sumo suit equipment out for: adult or junior?

The rental price for sumo suits varies from area to area and if they come with an operator. This can range from £300 per 3 hours operated to £75 for a 'dry-hire' (equipment only) during the day. You may wish to charge for overnight use or discount for weekend hire etc.

How do we best look after our sumo suits?

Sumo Suits are made from pvc, FR foam and webbing sewn together with bonded thread. Like all pvc based materials they are robust when kept dry and clean and degrade when left damp and dirty. A bag for the sumo suits is recommended after a hire when a quick clean with a mild domestic cleaning fluid and dry off will suffice. Do not leave the suits in a damp storage area in direct sunlight (eg over winter in the green house) or mould may develop

How do we clean our sumo suits?

Sumo suits are subject to all the by-products of adult and junior fun play and sometimes users can manage to come off the mat onto muddy grass etc. A scrubbing brush with soapy hot water will do for most of the muck along with a mild detergent.

What's the best way to transport and store our sumo suits?

Sumo suits benefit greatly from strong pvc storage bags. Once cleaned and dried they can be left in a garage or store room for long periods of time. It is a good idea to allow air to circulate within the bags by leaving a slight opening on the zips.

Do I need a sumo surround for operating my sumo suits?

Inflatable sumo surrounds are great to have and make the equipment stand out. When space is tight (like a nightclub bar) and the minimum 2m clearance from the mat is not possible then they are totally necessary.

Do I need a hire form and disclaimer for operating my sumo suits?

Your obligation for hiring out equipment for monetary rewards mean that you have a duty of care to inform the user how to safely use the equipment and to have adequate insurance if the equipment causes injury. Our sumo suits come with a test certificate and operating instructions which are incorporated into the hire agreement which the operator (hiree) must read and sign.

Do I need adequate public liability insurance for operating my sumo suits?

Sumo suits and their operation have proven to be a safe and fun way of play wrestling but with all activities accidents can happen. As a hirer it is your responsibility to cover the hiree for possible injury and loss and unless you are rich we suggest obtaining quotations and purchasing cover from one of the many event insurance companies.